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Making changes at a subconscious level.

HypnoHelp Services

Locations & Rates

Currently I am seeing clients online Psychology Today. Eventually I may return to my office space at 84 Scio Street. The building is on the corner of Scio and Charlotte Street in The Religious Society of Friends (Quaker) meetinghouse. There is on street parking.

FREE consultations are available via phone.

I do not accept insurance. My rates are $125 per session. During your initial session, we will spend time obtaining background information, define your goals for treatment, and discuss scheduling and frequency.

IF you are on a limited income, I do offer a sliding scale fee. I also see clients through Open Path, If you are an Open Path member, please contact me with your membership ID, and we can set up a session.

Please refer to the Services page for additional rates and services that I offer.


I specialize in chronic pain (TMS/PPD) mind body disorder/illness, trauma and anxiety. If you have sought help from multiple medical professionals and have been told that there is nothing wrong, or that you “just have to learn to live with the pain,” you’ve come to the right place!

Stay tuned for more information on TMS- Tension Myoneural Syndrome/ PPD Psychophysicological Disorder. I am now listed as a PPDA practitioner!

I’ve had trouble sleeping for twenty years. HypnoHelp/Sara helped me integrate mindfulness and relaxation techniques into my daily sleep routine and it’s made a huge difference. Sara worked with me to determine what techniques worked and which didn’t and delivered great audio recordings tailored to my needs to help me relax and fall asleep. Definite improvement in my quality of life.

I was skeptical at first of hypnotherapy, so get over the name and get into the tools and practices. They really help, and Sara is accommodating and concerned for her patients.


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