Hypnotherapy on a limited budget

After spending nearly 20 years working as a social worker, I firmly believe that everyone should have access to mental health services. That's why I have partnered with Open Path. If finances are a concern, learn more about becoming an Open Path member. As far as frequency of sessions go, I follow your lead. Of … Continue reading Hypnotherapy on a limited budget

Bilateral Stimulation

Many people are turning towards the use of Bilateral Simulation to decrease anxiety, improve focus and sleep, or even to eliminate irritability. Within a few minutes of trying them in my office, several clients have experienced a dramatic decrease in anxiety. Sharing similar principles found in EMRD, I use Bilateral Stimulation in some hypnosis sessions, … Continue reading Bilateral Stimulation

Trauma and it’s role in chronic pain

Trauma changes our brains. It often pushes us into a fight or flight mode, which can not only affect our mental health, it can manifest itself by creating chronic pain. Pain is generated in the brain. Since our brains can be re-trained (neuroplasticity) we have the power to decrease our pain. Let me show you … Continue reading Trauma and it’s role in chronic pain