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“Re-train Your Brain Away From Pain!”

This group is currently full. However, if you are interesting in joining a new group in March, please email me at or 585-317-0241 Join other chronic pain warriors for this 5 week brain retraining and support group! Curriculum based on extensive research utilizing resources such as Curable, Dr. Sarno, Dr. Schubiner, Pathways, TMS, Reducept, … Continue reading “Re-train Your Brain Away From Pain!”

Is there any hope for chronic pain?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pain often signifies when something is wrong in our bodies. But, sometimes even when there is no structural abnormality or injury, our pain persists. Sometimes our brains begin to send out even more pain signals, causing our nervous systems to go into overdrive. Hypnosis can help with that! It's … Continue reading Is there any hope for chronic pain?

Virtual Reality Therapy!

Photo by Bradley Hook on I am so excited to announce that I am partnering with TheraVR to begin offering virtual reality hypnotherapy! While I will continue offering hypnotherapy online using, soon I will also be offering a brand new type of therapy online using virtual reality! Create your own avatar, choose … Continue reading Virtual Reality Therapy!

Grieving during the Pandemic

Photo by Nathan Cowley on We are facing multiple losses. Many of us are struggling to make sense of it all. As we continue to practice social distancing, we may also be grieving for a variety of reasons. Weddings have been put on hold. Graduations ceremonies are moved online. Job security has disappeared. And … Continue reading Grieving during the Pandemic